What is the meaning of double chance in betting

Almost every sports betting fan knows that in addition to the opportunity to bet on the victory of one of the teams, there is an opportunity to bet on a double chance. This opportunity is most often provided in a match where the teams are approximately equal to each other. And a bet on a double chance can protect the user from losing and allow him to earn. But what is double chance, how does it work and what is the meaning of double chance in betting? This is what we will talk about in detail.

What is double chance?

Double chance is a unique bet on 2 events at once. For example, if two strong teams are playing and you don’t know who to bet on. In that case, a second chance would be good.

  The main types of bets on such events are as follows:

  1. 1X first team win or draw.
  2. 2X – The victory of the second team or a draw.
  3. 12 – victory of the first or second team.

The main advantage of such a bet is reliability, since the player actually insures his deposit in this way. The only risk is the possibility of getting into a draw, which will lead to the loss of funds.

Among the disadvantages of this type of bet are low odds. Since the bet is held simultaneously on 2 events, which means they are summed up and the average between the two options is calculated. For example, if the bet on the victory of the first team is 2, and on a draw 1.5, then the outcome of 1X will be calculated at a coefficient of 1.75.

Pros and cons of dual outcome

This type of bet has a number of advantages, including:

  1. Significant reduction in the risk of losing.
  2. Bookmakers put a small margin on these products.
  3. Stakes are ideal for the Ladder strategy.

Among the disadvantages are:

  1. Quite low odds, which reduces winnings.
  2. It is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis in order to assess whether it is worth making a bet.

Otherwise, the system is no different from similar proposals. Therefore, you can use your own betting methodology or study the double outcome in detail and further apply the possibilities of this method. .

When you can bet on a double outcome

There are several times when players simply need to bet on a double outcome. These situations happen when:

  1. The first team is the favorite. In this case, a bet on 1x is just insurance.
  2. The second team is the favorite. A similar bet on 2x will help to hedge.
  3. Equal teams collide in confrontation. A bet of 12 on double chance would be a good bet..
  4. The favorite team is in bad shape, in this case, you can put a double chance on the outsider, who will be with a fairly high odds.

But here it is worth considering that in the first three options, the coefficient of this bet will be as low as possible, if at all. Often, a bet on a favorite is quoted with a coefficient of 1.2-1.5, not to mention a double outcome, where this indicator will be much less.

Classic and combined bets

Earlier we looked at the classic bets, which include the choice of a double outcome for a win or a draw. But this is only part of the possibilities. There are also additional combined bets in the lines. These could be, for example, the following outcomes:

  1. Double outcome and goal from the team.
  2. Double outcome and both will score.
  3. Double chance and total.

These are a few basic combinations, in fact there can be many more, depending on how wide the line is for a particular bookmaker.

In what sports does double chance work?

There are opportunities to bet on a double outcome in those sports and matches where a draw is possible. The most popular sports in this regard are football and hockey. But such a bet can also be seen in basketball, handball, water polo, chess, beach soccer and other games.

At the same time, odds and various market variations, including bet combinations, can vary greatly, depending on the seriousness of the match itself, as well as the tournament in which it takes place.

Double out Betting Strategies

For experienced players, this bet is used extremely rarely, mainly because of its low odds. Because the strategy of the game is not particularly. But some classic options can be added here, including:

  1. A strategy for beginners that provides for a constant increase in the bet by the amount of winnings. For example, the first bet is 100 rubles at 1.25. The next bet with a win of 1.25, then already 156 (with a similar coefficient), etc.
  2. Bet 12 on football. A popular strategy that helps to mix bets to implement other possible strategies.

The use of a double outcome has a large number of features and advantages, but also its disadvantages, and therefore everything must be taken into account. And use the system and strategies for such bets wisely.

How to make money from betting?

Earnings on bets is a rather interesting direction that attracts a large number of users. The only pity is that not everyone understands the level of risk. As a result, most of the users subsequently leave without understanding how and what works. And most importantly, can you really make money. Therefore, let’s figure out How to make money from betting, what is needed for this and how long it will take. We will discuss all this in detail and consider the main methods and strategies.

What is betting earnings?

To begin with, let’s figure out what constitutes earnings on bets. Betting is an activity involving real money, which is based on the conclusion of a certain bet on the outcome of an event.

It is between the player and the betting company. For example, a bookmaker offers to bet on a football match. The better makes a bet, claiming that the first team wins. If this event occurs, then the player receives a win, if the outcome of the match is the victory of the second team or a draw, then he loses money.

You can place bets at any legal bookmaker in the world that offers the matches, championships or conditions you need.

Earnings themselves can be based on individual strategies, analysis or other factors. Next, we will talk in detail about the possible methods.

How can you earn on bets?

In one way or another, certain strategies are at the heart of making money on bets. They help to reduce the risk of losing, and if used correctly, they can actually make money.

We do not recommend considering sports betting as an alternative source of income, but we will consider the main features of this direction.

In total, two main types of strategies can be distinguished – gaming and financial. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Game strategies

These are separate models and methods that are created for specific sports, as well as general mathematical ones.

In the first option, you can see strategies, for example, for football matches, or only for hockey. In the second case, everything is based on mathematical calculations.

Among the striking examples of gaming strategies are:

  1. D’Alembert. A strategy that came from playing in a casino. It provides for a permanent doubling of the bet when choosing events with odds of 2 or more.
  2. Grind strategy. It also provides for bets on odds of 2 or more, but with rates of 5% of the bank.
  3. Millir’s management. It provides for bets on odds of 1.8-2 or more, while the rate itself should not be more than 1% of the bank.
  4. Kelly criterion. The strategy requires certain calculations and the selection of bet sizes for approximately the same events.
  5. This strategy works just like the first one, only implemented in live. Here, if you lose, then you immediately need to make the next bet, the winning of which will help return the bank and multiply it. There the bet should be increased depending on the odds.
  6. Underdog bets. The theory of betting on a lagging opponent with a large coefficient. According to statistics, outsiders rarely win, but the odds for them are always very high, which can help you make good money. But here it is necessary to take into account a number of features and conduct an analysis.
  7. Danish strategy. It is similar to the catch-up strategy, only it provides for the growth of rates in arithmetic progression.

And also a lot of other options. Choosing a strategy for yourself is simple, the main thing is to understand the features and start placing bets.

Financial Strategies

This category includes strategies such as:

  1. Fixed interest from the bank. Similar to Miller’s Management.
  2. Dynamic bank.

All these methods are different, but each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And here it is important for the user to choose the right one for himself, choose a strategy and develop.

What other earning options are there?

You can also earn on bets in other ways. There are many suggestions on the web for this. For example:

  1. Using privateers’ forecasts, but in reality this is a dangerous undertaking and often privateers are scammers, therefore it is better to study the representative first, but it is better to sort out several.
  2. Betting surebets. It works simply, in one bookmaker we bet on the outcome of the first team, and in another bookmaker on the outcome of the second team, having previously studied the odds. The main thing is to bet such amounts that, if you win one bet, you can cover the expense for the second one.
  3. Value bets.


It is quite possible to start making profit on bets. But this will require a lot of effort and time. You will need to study the features of the broker, its offer odds, interest rates and much more. Also, don’t forget about welcome bonuses and promotions.

It remains only to choose a solution for yourself and replenish your account on the new bookmaker that was chosen.

Which betting site has the highest odds

One of the important factors in choosing a bookmaker is the level of project odds. And they are given special attention, because the higher the coefficient, the more you can make a profit. Therefore, each user is trying to find a balance, while beginners, on the contrary, are looking for the highest odds. Therefore, we will look at Which betting site has the highest odds and highlight the main market leaders, as well as talk about other features.

What to look for when searching

First of all, you should know that there is quite a lot of competition in the betting market, which is growing every year, and therefore, in order to lure players to themselves, projects offer increased odds.

But rate quotes are not always the main selection criterion. First, the player needs to choose a strategy for the game. For example, select outcomes with high odds in live. In addition, you need to consider:

  1. Separate coefficients for sports. Some bookmakers offer higher rates on tennis, others prefer football or basketball.
  2. The overall rating of the project according to users.
  3. Company’s margin level.

On the one hand, high odds may indicate a low margin, on the other hand, they can be an attempt to hide the shortcomings of the company and nothing more. Therefore, you need to analyze each bookmaker in order to choose the best option for yourself.

What is margin and how does it affect odds?

The main indicator that affects the value of the odds is the margin of each individual bookmaker. This is the potential profit of the bookmaker.

Each office initially calculates all risks, mathematical probabilities and other features.

As a result, the company pawns its profit in all types of bets, regardless of their outcome.

For example, consider a situation where you can see the following odds in a match:

– 1.6 to win the first team.

– 4.7 for a draw.

– 4.7 to win the second team.

Given these coefficients, you can find out the bookmaker’s margin. In this case, the calculation is carried out by dividing 100% by the coefficient of each event and adding the results. Considering these figures, the percentages of rates are 62.5%, 21.3% and 21.3%. As a result, we get 105.1%.

We see an extra 5.1% – this is exactly the level of the company’s margin. This indicator may vary depending on the importance of the match, the significance of the tournament, the popularity of the bookmaker and other factors.

It should be understood that you will rarely be able to see sufficiently large odds for such matches as:

  1. Meetings of top football clubs in high leagues and tournaments.
  2. At NHL and KHL matches.
  3. At the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

But in most games, such coefficients can be found.

Which bookmaker offers the best odds

Now let’s talk specifically about which betting site has the highest odds. And here you can divide all the proposals into several categories:

  1. CIS bookmakers.
  2. Foreign bookmakers.

Each of the categories can be considered separately.

CIS bookmaker margin

If we talk about Russian-language projects, then the leader among them is the 1xBet website, in the international field the project is known as 1XBet. It has the lowest margin, which is only 3.5 percent.

Another project is the Marathon. This bookmaker offers an average margin of 5%. But at the same time in football and hockey it does not exceed 3%.

Also among the Russian offices can be distinguished:

  1. Offers a margin of 5%.
  2. Has similar performance compared to the past.
  3. Slightly different and offers odds of 5.5%.

International projects

Special attention should be paid to international projects. And here, too, there are individual leaders.

Among them are:

  1. Initially, user quotes were as high as possible in all areas, over time, the project began to pay more attention to tennis, football, basketball, etc.
  2. Betvictor – offers bets on rugby, boxing, horse racing, team football.
  3. William Hill is known for its betting options, including the ability to bet on American football and horse racing.

And these are just a few representatives of the market that offer favorable odds. But, you need to look at the specific requirements and preferences of an individual better, since one company offers the best conditions for football, another for tennis, a third for horse racing, and others may provide other favorable conditions.

Therefore, as we have already said, you first need to determine the strategy, and only after that select a broker, register and start placing bets.

Best online sports betting Sites

If you are planning to start betting on sports, then first of all you need to choose a reliable bookmaker. This is not so easy to do, given the large number of offers on the market, as well as the presence of dubious projects. Therefore, it is worth considering best online sports betting sites, determining the parameters by which you need to select projects and, in general, considering all the features. That is exactly what we will do.

How to choose a bookmaker?

First of all, you need to consider the main criteria that you need to consider when choosing a suitable project for betting. Among the main ones worth paying attention to are:

  1. Official registration and license of the company.
  2. Reviews about the project, the term of work and its reputation.
  3. Select events. A good bookmaker should provide the opportunity to bet on all existing events, from major tournaments to regional matches, and also include eSports disciplines.
  4. Line painting. For each of the sports, there should be the most detailed line with a large number of betting options.
  5. Convenience of replenishment and withdrawal of funds. This is the number of available payment systems, the speed of transfers and other factors.
  6. Minimum and maximum bet sizes.
  7. Calculation of rates. Level of reliability of statistical sources.
  8. Speed, customer focus and competence of the support service.

And these are just a few factors to consider.

How do we determine the best betting sites?

Our portal helps users to select the best solutions and make their choice in favor of one of the offices. In total, we highlight several selection and evaluation criteria.


The first and one of the most important is the reliability of the project. A bookmaker is considered reliable if:

  1. Compliance with all BC evaluation criteria.
  2. Responds quickly to user requests and complaints.
  3. Solve problematic situations with clients.

The most reliable projects for 2023 are Marathon Bet, Leon, Pari, BetBUM, Tennis, OlympBet.

Line in prematch and live

This takes into account the breadth of the line of the bookmaker. This definition means:

  1. Number of events.
  2. Variety of markets.
  3. The number of outcomes before and after the start of the event.

Projects are evaluated manually by the administration, taking into account user feedback and personal experience of using the site.


Here we are talking about the size of the bookmaker’s margin. The lower it is, the higher the odds. Accordingly, on a project with a low margin, the size of the bets will be much smaller, and the winnings will be larger.

Bonus systems and promotions

An additional important point is the presence of bonuses and promotions on the site. They help users to choose the most favorable conditions for themselves.

According to the standard, many bookmakers offer a preliminary demo access, as well as a welcome bonus, which provides for up to 200% accrual on the amount of replenishment, but no more than a fixed rate.

How to start betting?

After you have reviewed the best sports betting sites, you should make your choice and go to the desired project. Next, you only need to go through a quick registration, and then verify your account. For her, you must specify your full name, passport data and a number of other information, if necessary.

Then it remains only to replenish the account, which can be done independently and quite simply. To do this, you need to open the “Cashier” section or similar for your bookmaker, then choose a convenient way to transfer money and start making the first bets.

What sports to choose?

If you decide to bet on sports, then you need to decide on a specific sport, and possibly several, where you will bet.

It is important to consider here that it is better to choose the sport in which you understand as much as possible. And if this is not the case, then it is worth selecting 1-2 species that are most interesting and gradually studying their features.

The most popular solutions are football, hockey, boxing, basketball and other major sports with international tournaments.

Why should you trust us?

Our project offers for each user the maximum number of advantages, among which are:

  1. Honest rating based on the opinion of the players.
  2. Only the best bookmakers, time-tested.
  3. Additional opportunities for learning the game.
  4. Convenient filtration system for customer.

And these are just a few of the main benefits. Therefore, if you want to start using all the features of a bookmaker, then you should use our site to pick it up and start your journey in this world.