What is the meaning of double chance in betting

Almost every sports betting fan knows that in addition to the opportunity to bet on the victory of one of the teams, there is an opportunity to bet on a double chance. This opportunity is most often provided in a match where the teams are approximately equal to each other. And a bet on a double chance can protect the user from losing and allow him to earn. But what is double chance, how does it work and what is the meaning of double chance in betting? This is what we will talk about in detail.

What is double chance?

Double chance is a unique bet on 2 events at once. For example, if two strong teams are playing and you don’t know who to bet on. In that case, a second chance would be good.

  The main types of bets on such events are as follows:

  1. 1X first team win or draw.
  2. 2X – The victory of the second team or a draw.
  3. 12 – victory of the first or second team.

The main advantage of such a bet is reliability, since the player actually insures his deposit in this way. The only risk is the possibility of getting into a draw, which will lead to the loss of funds.

Among the disadvantages of this type of bet are low odds. Since the bet is held simultaneously on 2 events, which means they are summed up and the average between the two options is calculated. For example, if the bet on the victory of the first team is 2, and on a draw 1.5, then the outcome of 1X will be calculated at a coefficient of 1.75.

Pros and cons of dual outcome

This type of bet has a number of advantages, including:

  1. Significant reduction in the risk of losing.
  2. Bookmakers put a small margin on these products.
  3. Stakes are ideal for the Ladder strategy.

Among the disadvantages are:

  1. Quite low odds, which reduces winnings.
  2. It is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis in order to assess whether it is worth making a bet.

Otherwise, the system is no different from similar proposals. Therefore, you can use your own betting methodology or study the double outcome in detail and further apply the possibilities of this method. .

When you can bet on a double outcome

There are several times when players simply need to bet on a double outcome. These situations happen when:

  1. The first team is the favorite. In this case, a bet on 1x is just insurance.
  2. The second team is the favorite. A similar bet on 2x will help to hedge.
  3. Equal teams collide in confrontation. A bet of 12 on double chance would be a good bet..
  4. The favorite team is in bad shape, in this case, you can put a double chance on the outsider, who will be with a fairly high odds.

But here it is worth considering that in the first three options, the coefficient of this bet will be as low as possible, if at all. Often, a bet on a favorite is quoted with a coefficient of 1.2-1.5, not to mention a double outcome, where this indicator will be much less.

Classic and combined bets

Earlier we looked at the classic bets, which include the choice of a double outcome for a win or a draw. But this is only part of the possibilities. There are also additional combined bets in the lines. These could be, for example, the following outcomes:

  1. Double outcome and goal from the team.
  2. Double outcome and both will score.
  3. Double chance and total.

These are a few basic combinations, in fact there can be many more, depending on how wide the line is for a particular bookmaker.

In what sports does double chance work?

There are opportunities to bet on a double outcome in those sports and matches where a draw is possible. The most popular sports in this regard are football and hockey. But such a bet can also be seen in basketball, handball, water polo, chess, beach soccer and other games.

At the same time, odds and various market variations, including bet combinations, can vary greatly, depending on the seriousness of the match itself, as well as the tournament in which it takes place.

Double out Betting Strategies

For experienced players, this bet is used extremely rarely, mainly because of its low odds. Because the strategy of the game is not particularly. But some classic options can be added here, including:

  1. Ladder. A strategy for beginners that provides for a constant increase in the bet by the amount of winnings. For example, the first bet is 100 rubles at 1.25. The next bet with a win of 1.25, then already 156 (with a similar coefficient), etc.
  2. Bet 12 on football. A popular strategy that helps to mix bets to implement other possible strategies.

The use of a double outcome has a large number of features and advantages, but also its disadvantages, and therefore everything must be taken into account. And use the system and strategies for such bets wisely.