Which betting site has the highest odds

One of the important factors in choosing a bookmaker is the level of project odds. And they are given special attention, because the higher the coefficient, the more you can make a profit. Therefore, each user is trying to find a balance, while beginners, on the contrary, are looking for the highest odds. Therefore, we will look at Which betting site has the highest odds and highlight the main market leaders, as well as talk about other features.

What to look for when searching

First of all, you should know that there is quite a lot of competition in the betting market, which is growing every year, and therefore, in order to lure players to themselves, projects offer increased odds.

But rate quotes are not always the main selection criterion. First, the player needs to choose a strategy for the game. For example, select outcomes with high odds in live. In addition, you need to consider:

  1. Separate coefficients for sports. Some bookmakers offer higher rates on tennis, others prefer football or basketball.
  2. The overall rating of the project according to users.
  3. Company’s margin level.

On the one hand, high odds may indicate a low margin, on the other hand, they can be an attempt to hide the shortcomings of the company and nothing more. Therefore, you need to analyze each bookmaker in order to choose the best option for yourself.

What is margin and how does it affect odds?

The main indicator that affects the value of the odds is the margin of each individual bookmaker. This is the potential profit of the bookmaker.

Each office initially calculates all risks, mathematical probabilities and other features.

As a result, the company pawns its profit in all types of bets, regardless of their outcome.

For example, consider a situation where you can see the following odds in a match:

– 1.6 to win the first team.

– 4.7 for a draw.

– 4.7 to win the second team.

Given these coefficients, you can find out the bookmaker’s margin. In this case, the calculation is carried out by dividing 100% by the coefficient of each event and adding the results. Considering these figures, the percentages of rates are 62.5%, 21.3% and 21.3%. As a result, we get 105.1%.

We see an extra 5.1% – this is exactly the level of the company’s margin. This indicator may vary depending on the importance of the match, the significance of the tournament, the popularity of the bookmaker and other factors.

It should be understood that you will rarely be able to see sufficiently large odds for such matches as:

  1. Meetings of top football clubs in high leagues and tournaments.
  2. At NHL and KHL matches.
  3. At the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

But in most games, such coefficients can be found.

Which bookmaker offers the best odds

Now let’s talk specifically about which betting site has the highest odds. And here you can divide all the proposals into several categories:

1. CIS bookmakers.

2. Foreign bookmakers.

Each of the categories can be considered separately.

CIS bookmaker margin

If we talk about Russian-language projects, then the leader among them is the 1xBet website, in the international field the project is known as 1XBet. It has the lowest margin, which is only 3.5 percent.

Another project is the Marathon. This bookmaker offers an average margin of 5%. But at the same time in football and hockey it does not exceed 3%.

Also among the Russian offices can be distinguished:

  1. Melbet. Offers a margin of 5%.
  2. Betcity. Has similar performance compared to the past.
  3. Leon. Slightly different and offers odds of 5.5%.

International projects

Special attention should be paid to international projects. And here, too, there are individual leaders.

Among them are:

  1. Bet365. Initially, user quotes were as high as possible in all areas, over time, the project began to pay more attention to tennis, football, basketball, etc.
  2. Betvictor – offers bets on rugby, boxing, horse racing, team football.
  3. William Hill is known for its betting options, including the ability to bet on American football and horse racing.

And these are just a few representatives of the market that offer favorable odds. But, you need to look at the specific requirements and preferences of an individual better, since one company offers the best conditions for football, another for tennis, a third for horse racing, and others may provide other favorable conditions.

Therefore, as we have already said, you first need to determine the strategy, and only after that select a broker, register and start placing bets.