How to make money from betting?

Earnings on bets is a rather interesting direction that attracts a large number of users. The only pity is that not everyone understands the level of risk. As a result, most of the users subsequently leave without understanding how and what works. And most importantly, can you really make money. Therefore, let’s figure out How to make money from betting, what is needed for this and how long it will take. We will discuss all this in detail and consider the main methods and strategies.

What is betting earnings?

To begin with, let’s figure out what constitutes earnings on bets. Betting is an activity involving real money, which is based on the conclusion of a certain bet on the outcome of an event.

It is between the player and the betting company. For example, a bookmaker offers to bet on a football match. The better makes a bet, claiming that the first team wins. If this event occurs, then the player receives a win, if the outcome of the match is the victory of the second team or a draw, then he loses money.

You can place bets at any legal bookmaker in the world that offers the matches, championships or conditions you need.

Earnings themselves can be based on individual strategies, analysis or other factors. Next, we will talk in detail about the possible methods.

How can you earn on bets?

In one way or another, certain strategies are at the heart of making money on bets. They help to reduce the risk of losing, and if used correctly, they can actually make money.

We do not recommend considering sports betting as an alternative source of income, but we will consider the main features of this direction.

In total, two main types of strategies can be distinguished – gaming and financial. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Game strategies

These are separate models and methods that are created for specific sports, as well as general mathematical ones.

In the first option, you can see strategies, for example, for football matches, or only for hockey. In the second case, everything is based on mathematical calculations.

Among the striking examples of gaming strategies are:

  1. D’Alembert. A strategy that came from playing in a casino. It provides for a permanent doubling of the bet when choosing events with odds of 2 or more.
  2. Grind strategy. It also provides for bets on odds of 2 or more, but with rates of 5% of the bank.
  3. Millir’s management. It provides for bets on odds of 1.8-2 or more, while the rate itself should not be more than 1% of the bank.
  4. Kelly criterion. The strategy requires certain calculations and the selection of bet sizes for approximately the same events.
  5. Dogon. This strategy works just like the first one, only implemented in live. Here, if you lose, then you immediately need to make the next bet, the winning of which will help return the bank and multiply it. There the bet should be increased depending on the odds.
  6. Underdog bets. The theory of betting on a lagging opponent with a large coefficient. According to statistics, outsiders rarely win, but the odds for them are always very high, which can help you make good money. But here it is necessary to take into account a number of features and conduct an analysis.
  7. Danish strategy. It is similar to the catch-up strategy, only it provides for the growth of rates in arithmetic progression.

And also a lot of other options. Choosing a strategy for yourself is simple, the main thing is to understand the features and start placing bets.

Financial Strategies

This category includes strategies such as:

  1. Fixed interest from the bank. Similar to Miller’s Management.
  2. Flat.
  3. Dynamic bank.

All these methods are different, but each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And here it is important for the user to choose the right one for himself, choose a strategy and develop.

What other earning options are there?

You can also earn on bets in other ways. There are many suggestions on the web for this. For example:

  1. Using privateers’ forecasts, but in reality this is a dangerous undertaking and often privateers are scammers, therefore it is better to study the representative first, but it is better to sort out several.
  2. Betting surebets. It works simply, in one bookmaker we bet on the outcome of the first team, and in another bookmaker on the outcome of the second team, having previously studied the odds. The main thing is to bet such amounts that, if you win one bet, you can cover the expense for the second one.
  3. Value bets.


It is quite possible to start making profit on bets. But this will require a lot of effort and time. You will need to study the features of the broker, its offer odds, interest rates and much more. Also, don’t forget about welcome bonuses and promotions.

It remains only to choose a solution for yourself and replenish your account on the new bookmaker that was chosen.